Freitag, 7. Januar 2011


Well first: A late Happy New Year! ~
I was in new year at my darling ~♥
It was so much fun with here friends and everything ♥♥
Just loved it~
My 2011 is Awesome at the moment~

Also now I'm in the Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 flash~

Black and White is just an awesome song <3
and really love this Sebastian >///<
he's so cool! <3

Also his song is so cute which Sebastian sings to Ciel:

And much love for the Shinigami Song! XD
It's so catchy~

And also the sadest Pairing I've ever seen D:
much love for Alan and Eric <3
The end of them is so sad D:
but yeah like the name says of the musical: The Most Beautiful Death in The World
My favorite Song from them:

Just love this Musical~
watch it if you love Kuroshitsuji ♥

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