Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

my hairstyle

Ah because I'm such in the mood I post some pictures of my hairstyle from today~
aaaah it made so much fun to style them like this <3
and today was a good day too~
so I'm really happy right now~

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Shucihi cosplay with Syo crossover

Uwaaaa I really forgott to post here something ><
I'm so sorry for not posting anything for ages ><

But now I'm going to post again more <3

I finally finished my Shuichi cosplay from Gravitation EX and it's so much love <3

I really love it <3 but well the Shuichi wig is at a friends house so I coulnd't wear it ID *sigh*
so I wanted to try my Syo wig from Uta no prince-sama out <3

haha it still needs a haircut tough XD

next week there will be other pictures from the photoshooting with my Yuki and Mr. K x3
I'm so looking forwand to it <3

Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Uta no Prince-sama - ST☆RISH

Because I'm so in love with Utapuri <3

Especially I love Shou <3 Not that I don't like the other but I love him the most <3
followed by Natsuki/Satsuki~

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Japan Expo part 2

Now the pictures from the day!

It was early at morning when I departed from Bern! But the sunrise was so beautiful! *///////*

 At Japan Expo there were this super cute girls! It was so adorable when they began to sing karaoke!
Uwaaaa so I began to talk with them for a bit and I asked if I could take a picture with them <3

This one was taken at the NicoNicoDouga place!
haha We couldn't be in character because the photograph was like: "make something funny"
So I and my Sebastian ended like this XD

This was allredy everything from the Japan expo  D:

So we go on with the thing I bought there! >//////<

The left thing is a thing where you can but your pictures and so in it. And it went with the BL-book! Uwaaaa I was so happy I could get something from Hinaki Takanaga! Q///////Q
The stickers and the autograph are from my friend >////< she copied her autograph and gave me the copy  Q////Q
this was so cute from here! Also she gave me the stickers >///////<

I so wanted this picture of Len and Rin! Sankyu Lancha! Sadly she hadn't all of her picutre D:

The agenda also my friend gave to me! Q//////Q When I asked the other day they said there wasn't anything left.
But on Sunday there was one! My friend is so kind Q//////Q
also the big BL-Manga! With it it came a Drama-CD from Turning Point and the thing from Byokyou na silent! Love it <3

 Also from Lancha are the 3 buttons in the middle! It's Len, Gakupo, Kaito! <3

 I loved this picture! I didn't get the artist's name but she was there with Lancha~
Really bautiful poster <3

Madness of Duke Venomania! I love it! Sankyu Lancha for keep on of it! <3

SO the last things are the pictures from Kuroshitsuji. I really didn't get this artists name, but they look so great!
I really had to buy these! I'm so in love with them <3

So well I really bought many things in the end XD 
But it was so much fun and love the time at Japan expo!
And because of my dear friend m2 I got the things I wanted to have Q/////Q

Sooo bainiii~

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Japan Expo '11

Yesterday I was at Japan Expo! Uwaaa it was so great! And it's so BIG!
But well... the begining was kind of... yeah well not good..
I was there really early, but then the friends of mine, didn't found me!
they were on the wrong trainstation!
well so I waited for 1 1/2 hours... so we came rather late..
then they had to make they're make up, and well first I was kind of pissed of..
but well... So I couldn't get a ticket for the signsession of golden bomber TT___TT *cries*
Also I missed the sign session of Hinako Takanaga and well.. 

But first there was the Golden Bomber concert! It was so GREAT! Next to me were two japanese people and we had so much fun making furitsuke! And they were so funny! Like I knew them <3
So I was happy again and in haeven! ~
uwaa I was so happy they played "Memeshikute", "Matta kimi no bango" and "Boku Quest~"! But I loved the whole setlist! Even if I missed "Konya wa Tonight" in it D: 
 But I think it was kind of.. really short! There wasn't a encore...
But still LOVE them~

So we went then to Lancha's desk (so I could get the pictures~). She really recognised me! I was so amazed!
But sadly she hadn't the VanaN' Ice FA anymore D: But I could buy the Madness of Duke Venonmia and the one with Len and Rin. Also could buy the Kaito, Len and Gakupo buttons!~ So it was okay~
We talked there for a while and then looked a round. It is really huge!
Then we bougt Ramune! Strawberry and Melon flavoured! Uwaaa it was so yummy! <3
Also could buy Strawberry Pockys!
So we walked there and there and were searching the NicoNicoDouga place!
We found it and it was so nice to hear japanese~ 
So we walked around and didn't find the place where you could buy Golden Bomber merchendise! I was really sad... I wanted to buy the T-shirt and other stuff D:

So later on we stood on a place, where there were things from Kuroshitsuji. I still don't know, why we had to make pictures together... I wans't really happy about that, because I rather wanted to look around..
But well we stood there and then I saw a person with the painted mask.
I was like: "OMG this cosplayer is amazing! He looks like Kenji!" But then I realised that it was actually him and the rest of Golden Bomber! Σ(ÇДÇ`)
So I was just like: "Golden Bomber?!" and Jun got back to me bowed and smiled like crazy! XD
And then he said: "merci! " and left with the rest and they began to laugh XD
haha I was so happy after that, that I tought it was okay that I couldn't go to the signsession~
Later we got back to the "Kaze" place. So then my friend just said: "look who is there~" and grinned. So I took a sight to right and just was like a damn fangirl! XD I just was like OMG Hinako Takanaga-sama! And said here name in a really high pitched voice >/////< 
It was so abarassing, when she looked at me smiled shyly and waved. 
Uwaaa why didn't I  had 10 minuts more left to stay there, so I could get a autograph?
But uff I SAW here and she's so cuute >/////<

haaa so later then I had to go back to the train station....
I was really sad! I wanted to stay there longer, because it's really nice there!
And it wasn't this crowded like at LBM or Connichi, it was okay even tought there were a lot more people!

So I really was sad when I sat in the train and went back to switzerland.
But I made such good memories and I hope I can go next year too!~
Tomorrow I post the pictures I could take and pictures of the stuff I bought~

bainii~ ♪(´ε` )

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Golden Bomber! :D

Uwaaaa I'm so exited!
I'm going to see Golden Bomber LIVE! >//////<
uwaaaa I still can't belive it~
It's the concert on 2011/07/02!
in Paris!~
even if I don't like such huge conventions neither french :
I'll go because of Golden Bomber!

uwaa can't wait to see a concert again and to dance furi~
Hope it'll be great~
Also I'm looking forward to cosplay Ciel in his dying outfit~
Hope it'll be not that hot! x_x

Soooo~ I can't wait! Golden Bomber <3

Ps. Sry for the spam! XD

Fantasy Tennis

I started to play Fantasy Tennis! :D
I think it's kinda funny and I enjoy it~
But there was a fail last time:

 Flying fish! XD 

Wel I enjoyed sitting there and only talk. Was just a snapshoot ! XD
But I kinda like it ♪(´ε` )

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

My favs from 1Piko


Because I have now the new Album from Piko 「1Piko」 I wantet to share my favourite one:

Main dish <3~

Here you can hear a teaser of the CD <3

I also love ピコピコ☆レジェンドオブザナイト <3
Or Rebirth! <3
And I can say:
I love the whole Album <3 
I'm really happy to have it now \( ^ o ^)/

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

JAN 11~

Wel the 11th JAN is allredy over! D: And bacause it was so awesome I want to share some moments x3
And also the things I got! <33

Well I cossed Miahru Rokujou (Nabri no ou) and Shuki got this crown! I love it *____*
It was 3.00 at morning! We were sleeping and event if it looks like daytime it was dark outside! But yeah we had fun! x3

Lix was at JAN 11! They were so cool! I rly enjoyed it! Love the autographs! <3
Uwaaaaaa could buy all 3 albums! And everyone of it was signed by them! LUCKYYYYY <3333 I rly love them and they're music! So kakoiii <3
I bought a Len with a Luka figure! I rly love the Len figure he looks so cuute! (/// ω ////)

Also I bought this handy stamp! uwaaa Lag !!! They also had Zaji, Niche and Steake! I loved to buy everyone but it was sooo expensive D:

Hope you liked the pictures! <3
Sankyu everyone who made this weekend so awesome! <3