Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

My favs from 1Piko


Because I have now the new Album from Piko 「1Piko」 I wantet to share my favourite one:

Main dish <3~

Here you can hear a teaser of the CD <3

I also love ピコピコ☆レジェンドオブザナイト <3
Or Rebirth! <3
And I can say:
I love the whole Album <3 
I'm really happy to have it now \( ^ o ^)/

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

JAN 11~

Wel the 11th JAN is allredy over! D: And bacause it was so awesome I want to share some moments x3
And also the things I got! <33

Well I cossed Miahru Rokujou (Nabri no ou) and Shuki got this crown! I love it *____*
It was 3.00 at morning! We were sleeping and event if it looks like daytime it was dark outside! But yeah we had fun! x3

Lix was at JAN 11! They were so cool! I rly enjoyed it! Love the autographs! <3
Uwaaaaaa could buy all 3 albums! And everyone of it was signed by them! LUCKYYYYY <3333 I rly love them and they're music! So kakoiii <3
I bought a Len with a Luka figure! I rly love the Len figure he looks so cuute! (/// ω ////)

Also I bought this handy stamp! uwaaa Lag !!! They also had Zaji, Niche and Steake! I loved to buy everyone but it was sooo expensive D:

Hope you liked the pictures! <3
Sankyu everyone who made this weekend so awesome! <3

Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Portugal time

Well I was a week in Portugal! It was so beautiful >////<
Just lov beeing there!
So I made some picutres to show all of you what I did there x3

We were at the beach! But it was too cold to go in there actually Q_Q

Uwaaa just love Porto~

This was on a broken building. But still I think it was cute~

These are passionflowers from our garden! *___* They're so beauty~

Our little dog "Pantufa" She's so adorable but so ooold Q____W But still very active~ <3

Our flight was at night and this scene was so bautiful! <3 It the airplane wing end :D

Yeah out the airplane it was so cooold >/////<
Well I didn't took that many fotos >////<
but still I love them <3
can't wait to go there again ~

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Piko ヒ°ω°コ ~

Uwaaaaa~ Because I found so much stuff from Piko I wanted to make an entry only with him x3
So take a look at so much pictures! ヽ(・∀・)ノ 
I just love his 'cat' <3 It's so cute! <3 ヒ°ω°コ

His band~ I think they rly mach together~ And there's Takuya (ex. AnCafe)~

Haha he hasn't straight hair~ That makes me look at myself every day x3 Only I don't have a person who straight them 4 me x3

This looks so funny! XD Even if I dunno who the other 2 are >///< I think Gero is one of them?

Uwaaaa Magnet~ I so love this Song from Sekihan and Piko! ~ And the pics are rly nice~

I just love his vocaloid Utatane Piko! He's cute as him~

A fanmade Append version of Utatane Piko! I think this loos so cool! :D

he postet it on twitter! I think it's so cute! >/////< rly want it~

Also from Twitter~ He said he wantet to cosplay too baucause of the cosplayer of Utatane Piko~ I hope to see him as Utatane Piko soon~ Rly would be cute~

Well this is only a few frm all the things I have x3 But hope I could share some Piko love~

I don't own any of the pictures!