Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

My ciel cosplay *___*

I worked alot those day and finally ended my Ciel Cosplay *___*
It's a Fanart version from the artist Neneko (from Animexx)
I love her pictures >/////<

If you're interested:

I'm so exited to cosplay Ciel with my Sebbastian <3
Hope all is gonna be okay *___*

So I took a few pictures of the Cosplay~
I'm really proud of it because that was alot of hardwork >///<
especial the white feader thing XD

It's all made by hand XD

 I'm really looking forward to see the full thing *___*
there are still some things to do but the coat ist finished <3
 It's sad I didn't find the dotted (stoff?) Q___Q
but in pink it's also nice <3

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

My own drawings XD (sketches)

Sooo today I was really creativ! XD
I draw a lot! O_O
That's awesome <3
But they became all Vocaloids
I'm sorry for the BG ID
I draw in my Hello Kitty Noticebook so XD
That's my Sketchbook for now on x3

That's Hatsune Miku
  I had really truble with her hair ID
but I love here cloths XD
That's Kagamine Len
I LOVE to draw him <3
He's my absolute favorite one ^^
from the original Vocaloids x3

That's Kaito
 I'm nor sure but I think I draw his hair wrong OO
I think they became some kind off ID

That's Hatsune Mikuo
 He's my favorite one too x3
but he's fanmade but I love him x3
make him a real vocaloid! XD

That's Kagamine Rin
I don't really like her ^^"
I don't knwo but.. she's kinda annoying XD
I also think I draw her legs really thinny O_O
But it's my first time drawing a person in this perspektiv XD

maybe I draw them on the computer and color them too XD
but I'm not sure :D
But I kinda like them all <3
travelling with the train is so boooooooring! XD

Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Piko piko rabu!



Piko  and Sekihan are so awesome!
I really love them <3 *nod nod*
They both can sing so awesomely awesome! XD
If you don't belive that the high voices are them here is the proof:


the black haired boy is Piko and the brown haired Sekihan ^^~
I love both of them so *___*
I go back to my Vocaloid flash! XD
most of it the Nico Nico stars <3
(the most clear and Piko of cours! But now Sekihan too XD )

The song they sing's called 'Magnet' ^^

But this IS my most beloved song <3
It's called 'Cendrillon'

It's so love with the 2 of them <3

So at least but not last:

I fell for it *____*
They just aweome <3

I hope I will soon hear more of them >///<
But I KNOW Piko will come to europe!
please to germany or nearby >///<

I support them with my love! x3
go for it you 2 <3