Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Japan Expo part 2

Now the pictures from the day!

It was early at morning when I departed from Bern! But the sunrise was so beautiful! *///////*

 At Japan Expo there were this super cute girls! It was so adorable when they began to sing karaoke!
Uwaaaa so I began to talk with them for a bit and I asked if I could take a picture with them <3

This one was taken at the NicoNicoDouga place!
haha We couldn't be in character because the photograph was like: "make something funny"
So I and my Sebastian ended like this XD

This was allredy everything from the Japan expo  D:

So we go on with the thing I bought there! >//////<

The left thing is a thing where you can but your pictures and so in it. And it went with the BL-book! Uwaaaa I was so happy I could get something from Hinaki Takanaga! Q///////Q
The stickers and the autograph are from my friend >////< she copied her autograph and gave me the copy  Q////Q
this was so cute from here! Also she gave me the stickers >///////<

I so wanted this picture of Len and Rin! Sankyu Lancha! Sadly she hadn't all of her picutre D:

The agenda also my friend gave to me! Q//////Q When I asked the other day they said there wasn't anything left.
But on Sunday there was one! My friend is so kind Q//////Q
also the big BL-Manga! With it it came a Drama-CD from Turning Point and the thing from Byokyou na silent! Love it <3

 Also from Lancha are the 3 buttons in the middle! It's Len, Gakupo, Kaito! <3

 I loved this picture! I didn't get the artist's name but she was there with Lancha~
Really bautiful poster <3

Madness of Duke Venomania! I love it! Sankyu Lancha for keep on of it! <3

SO the last things are the pictures from Kuroshitsuji. I really didn't get this artists name, but they look so great!
I really had to buy these! I'm so in love with them <3

So well I really bought many things in the end XD 
But it was so much fun and love the time at Japan expo!
And because of my dear friend m2 I got the things I wanted to have Q/////Q

Sooo bainiii~

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