Donnerstag, 11. November 2010


First: whoa so many people visited allredy my blogg *___* 
Awsome <3

But now to the things:
It's allredy been a while buuut it was Hetalia Dayin Zurich <3
It was a lot of fun *___*
Here my favorite pic from that day:

I love this pic so <3 It was so much fun *___*

also there was so much going on these past days >///<
First I'm happy to see Toki again~
And I also draw alot!
here an exemple:

It's little Latvia! x3
*nod nod*


Ah I'm so exited <3
On Saturday there'll be a Convention in Basel *___*
We're gonna be there on stage XD
*nod nod*

I hope it'll be fun <3

To the end:
I'm FLASHED from this Song Q//////Q :