Freitag, 15. April 2011

My new wigs ~

Well I bought some new wigs~
I rly love 2 of them <333
but the 3th.... well see for your self! XD

My favourite one *//////* 
Utatane Piko from Vocaloid! Can't wait to cosplay him <3
Also want to make his curl! it's awesome! XD

My Miharu wig ~
well yeah it's kinda dark soo... sorry D:
but I love it~ :D

And there it is:
My Lituania wig... It's soo.... ewwww... D:
I rly don't think it fits me!
buuut well I'm going to cut it a bit soo...
I'll see XD
but still it doesn't look good Q A Q

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