Dienstag, 19. April 2011

My outfit for the Orochi concert

Because someone asked me how I looked at the Orochi concert! ~
I rly loved my hairstyle!
It took me hours BUT I was fully statisfied with it ( ゚ヮ゚ ) ~♪


  1. @Simona:
    well I kinda do :D
    but I don't like every song from him :D
    But he's cool :D

  2. Nice :) I was on his concert. Can you tell more about Orochi concert? They was in my country but in bad time ;<

  3. Well it was so awesome!
    We had a rly rly small stage BUT even then it was rly great!
    They made a show fight with katanas and also we made a choreo!
    And also they were so friendly !~<3

    And the singesession was great!
    they said it was lot of fun and spoke with the fans a lot!~
    I loved it <333

  4. Great! So I must see them live :D

  5. yeah u rly have to! :D
    It's so much fun~