Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

My own drawings XD (sketches)

Sooo today I was really creativ! XD
I draw a lot! O_O
That's awesome <3
But they became all Vocaloids
I'm sorry for the BG ID
I draw in my Hello Kitty Noticebook so XD
That's my Sketchbook for now on x3

That's Hatsune Miku
  I had really truble with her hair ID
but I love here cloths XD
That's Kagamine Len
I LOVE to draw him <3
He's my absolute favorite one ^^
from the original Vocaloids x3

That's Kaito
 I'm nor sure but I think I draw his hair wrong OO
I think they became some kind off ID

That's Hatsune Mikuo
 He's my favorite one too x3
but he's fanmade but I love him x3
make him a real vocaloid! XD

That's Kagamine Rin
I don't really like her ^^"
I don't knwo but.. she's kinda annoying XD
I also think I draw her legs really thinny O_O
But it's my first time drawing a person in this perspektiv XD

maybe I draw them on the computer and color them too XD
but I'm not sure :D
But I kinda like them all <3
travelling with the train is so boooooooring! XD

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