Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Piko piko rabu!



Piko  and Sekihan are so awesome!
I really love them <3 *nod nod*
They both can sing so awesomely awesome! XD
If you don't belive that the high voices are them here is the proof:


the black haired boy is Piko and the brown haired Sekihan ^^~
I love both of them so *___*
I go back to my Vocaloid flash! XD
most of it the Nico Nico stars <3
(the most clear and Piko of cours! But now Sekihan too XD )

The song they sing's called 'Magnet' ^^

But this IS my most beloved song <3
It's called 'Cendrillon'

It's so love with the 2 of them <3

So at least but not last:

I fell for it *____*
They just aweome <3

I hope I will soon hear more of them >///<
But I KNOW Piko will come to europe!
please to germany or nearby >///<

I support them with my love! x3
go for it you 2 <3

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