Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

My ciel cosplay *___*

I worked alot those day and finally ended my Ciel Cosplay *___*
It's a Fanart version from the artist Neneko (from Animexx)
I love her pictures >/////<

If you're interested:

I'm so exited to cosplay Ciel with my Sebbastian <3
Hope all is gonna be okay *___*

So I took a few pictures of the Cosplay~
I'm really proud of it because that was alot of hardwork >///<
especial the white feader thing XD

It's all made by hand XD

 I'm really looking forward to see the full thing *___*
there are still some things to do but the coat ist finished <3
 It's sad I didn't find the dotted (stoff?) Q___Q
but in pink it's also nice <3

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