Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Piko ヒ°ω°コ ~

Uwaaaaa~ Because I found so much stuff from Piko I wanted to make an entry only with him x3
So take a look at so much pictures! ヽ(・∀・)ノ 
I just love his 'cat' <3 It's so cute! <3 ヒ°ω°コ

His band~ I think they rly mach together~ And there's Takuya (ex. AnCafe)~

Haha he hasn't straight hair~ That makes me look at myself every day x3 Only I don't have a person who straight them 4 me x3

This looks so funny! XD Even if I dunno who the other 2 are >///< I think Gero is one of them?

Uwaaaa Magnet~ I so love this Song from Sekihan and Piko! ~ And the pics are rly nice~

I just love his vocaloid Utatane Piko! He's cute as him~

A fanmade Append version of Utatane Piko! I think this loos so cool! :D

he postet it on twitter! I think it's so cute! >/////< rly want it~

Also from Twitter~ He said he wantet to cosplay too baucause of the cosplayer of Utatane Piko~ I hope to see him as Utatane Piko soon~ Rly would be cute~

Well this is only a few frm all the things I have x3 But hope I could share some Piko love~

I don't own any of the pictures!

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