Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Portugal time

Well I was a week in Portugal! It was so beautiful >////<
Just lov beeing there!
So I made some picutres to show all of you what I did there x3

We were at the beach! But it was too cold to go in there actually Q_Q

Uwaaa just love Porto~

This was on a broken building. But still I think it was cute~

These are passionflowers from our garden! *___* They're so beauty~

Our little dog "Pantufa" She's so adorable but so ooold Q____W But still very active~ <3

Our flight was at night and this scene was so bautiful! <3 It the airplane wing end :D

Yeah out the airplane it was so cooold >/////<
Well I didn't took that many fotos >////<
but still I love them <3
can't wait to go there again ~


  1. Hey :D Maybe you know where in Bern I can buy stainless chopsticks? :)

  2. Well I buy mine always in Migros ~
    Or they have sometimes rly beautiful ones in Coop Ryflihof.
    if you know where it is ^^~
    also in Loeb you can find rly beautiful ones ^^
    But if you want some from japan there is this Japanesehouse which is on the street where Loeb is ^^

    Hope I could help you :D